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Jane Badler as Diana photo featured in "Shock Cinema" magazine issue #29 March 2006. Article showcases Andrew Prine's (Steven from "V") career...


(Psst...this just in: Jane may be playing Rita Hayworth: Love Goddess in 2006! More news on that later but for now please check out the following!)


Jane with JD at a tennis match in Australia. January 2006. Photo credit: John Dolan


Top 10 tennis star, Alicia Molik poses with Jane in Australia. January 2006. Photo credit: John Dolan.


Photo credit: Robert Chuter, Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre


Photo credit: Robert Chuter, Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre


Photo credit: Robert Chuter, Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre


Photo credit: Robert Chuter, Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre



Photo credit: Robert Chuter, Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre


Jane as Mehitabel in "Archy & Mehitabel." 28-29 Nov 2005.




Jane with Visitor teddy bears as featured on! (Thanks to Ilana!)

Jane to return onstage for more "Shakin' the Blues" May 2005.
Jane meets with Brian Tosko Bello and Ilana Rapp in NYC...April 4, 2005!
As you all may well know. Since her Mission: Impossible days, Jane has made Australia her permanent home.
Jane (see picture below) recently finished starring in "All Het Up" and is now working on a new cabaret show. Not only is Jane classy and beautiful...but funny too! More news coming soon...
DIANA rated #5 Greatest Sci-Fi Legend...1 August 2004



Jane on stage in "All Het Up"!


V: The Next Generation

from CFQ Spotlite Fall 2004 Issue #1

With Kenneth Johnson back at the helm of the mothership,

NBC is getting ready for the Visitors to return


Back in the era of the original V, creator Kenneth Johnson engaged in his own “final battle” with the NBC network and Warner Bros. Studios when both came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t produce the follow-up to the mega-rated original mini-series as quickly or as cheaply as they wanted him to. “And they were right,” muses Johnson, whose credits include The Bionic Woman, The Incredible Hulk and the TV version of Alien Nation. “So I walked away from a major deal.”

Which, of course didn’t stop production on the six-hour V: The Final Battle, or the subsequent weekly series that limped through 19 episodes. Johnson moved on to other things while his creation – a sci-fi allegory of the Holocaust  - was bastardized by others. Over the years, rumors of revival with him at the helm made the rounds occasionally, but he pretty much dismissed those as “too much water under that bridge.” Now, however, there’s been a change of heart, with NBC giving a script order for V: The Second Generation, which will essentially ignore the events of The Final Battle and the weekly series. Instead, it will jump forward 20 years in time (literally the length of time since the airing of the original V mini).

As Johnson explains it, his scenario for the follow-up will deal with Resistance leaders Mike Donovan (Marc Singer) and Julie Parish (Faye Grant) who are trying to spark a revolution in a generation that has known nothing but Visitor rule since the moment they were born, so there is a certain apathy when it comes to the notion of revolution. Says Johnson, “NBC wants to move it away from the notion of Europe under occupation to something that has a little more modern feel. But that’s tricky. I don’t want the heroes of the piece to be considered terrorists, but that’s the parallel. If the Visitors are the hyperpower, what does that make the Resistance?

One key plot element for the new version comes from the final moment of the original four-hour miniseries. In that story, the Resistance discovers that the Visitors have one deadly enemy, leading the humans to jump to the conclusion that, “If it’s their enemies, then that makes them our friends.” A signal is sent into deep space and it would seem that in V: The Second Generation there is finally an answer.

“That’s sort of where the story goes,” Johnson says, “but part of what I’m dealing with on the network level is, ‘Does anybody really care about those old actors?’ It’s amazing. It’s like, ‘Let’s do the Brady Bunch reunion movie, but not get the Brady Bunch.”

-Edward Gross