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TV Guide interview with Jane Badler...GAY icon snipet
TVGO: Do the Aussies know you from V?
Badler: I just did a musical of Daphne Du Maurier's
Rebecca because I'm a singer as well. I do cabaret and
theater here. Two cast members didn't want to speak to
me during casting because they were so nervous. They
were such fans. They were gay, and later told me all
their friends dressed up as Diana when they were kids.

TVGO: So Diana became a gay icon?
Badler: Yes. They loved her even though she did such
horrible things. On Halloween, I still see people in
Diana costumes and I still get fan mail. So we're
crossing our fingers that it all happens again.




Thank You. You wanted me to say something about Jane's being a Gay Icon for me. I don't know. I just like her for some reason. She's different from any actress I've seen. I thought she played the role of Diana on "V" superbly well.Even though
Diana did such horrible, mean, vindictive lizardy things, I still thought she was cool.  I've always wanted to meet Jane in person. Invite her for a service and to play the organ for her, and yap about "V" and take her out for lunch in Chicago's terrific Gay Community.
TB, Chicago, IL
I have been a massive gay  V  fan since the show was first on TV , with Diana being my idol. I have never met other V fans ( apart from others who only watched it at the time) and haven't been to any conventions ( I am from London and they seem to be mostly in America). I have collected all the comics and some V Files, have the shows on VHS and DVD, all starlog feature on V, all the sound tracks and loads of V  novels, and a  self compiled DVD (previously made on VHS) which contains every Diana scene, one after the other for when I need a quick bitching session.
V Fan, UK