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Welcome to the Jane Badler Society!


Contents of the "V" promo bags for fans attending the 2009 NY Comic Con (5 Feb 2009)...

'Devil Has My Double' CD launch in Sydney...15 November 2008! Don't miss it!


"V" and Jane Badler featured in the UK's SciFiNow issue #18, August 2008! The article includes a review of V: The Series (now on DVD in the UK) with two Jane pictures! Check it out!


There is also a full page color ad of V: The Series DVD on the back of SciFiNow! "V" fans rejoice!



Hollywood glamour icon and cult actress JANE BADLER returns to the MIFF FESTIVAL LOUNGE on SATURDAY 9TH AUGUST to perform tracks from her critically acclaimed new release THE DEVIL HAS MY DOUBLE.
Performing on stage with Melbourne band SIR, the pairing promises to be an evening of fame, sex and solitude, set to a sweeping soundtrack of cold soul and passionate synthetics.

With recent sell-out Melbourne shows, this rare free-entry performance is not to be missed.






Review of Jane Badler's 'The Devil Has My Double'...with Sir! 2008

1. When We Got High
2. Who Did you Wear the Dress For?
3. I Love Everything :catchy, quirkly fun lyrics, Jane is very playful
4. The Devil Has My Double
5. Everybody Knows My Secrets
6. I Never Throw Anything Away
7. Single Tonight
8. A Dream Only Lasts
9. Tears Are Made of Water
10. The Doll that Cries Real Tears: melancoly drama, Jane shines
11. True Love is a Bore: love the reference to Fantasy Island, almost fell off my chair!

Show your support for the new "V" book available for purchase on 10 December 2007!



Jane signing autographs in NYC, Halloween 2007!


Brian keeps Jane busy signing!


Brian, Jane, Alice and pregnant Ilana!

The details: Halloween Lunch with Jane Badler & Alice Badler

Waiting for Jane & Alice
Ilana and I had the chance to catch up on all the latest while waiting for the Badler sisters to arrive. I went out to look for an energy drink, I had driven all night from DC to make it to the luncheon on time! I returned w/o the caffeine and mentioned that I wanted to do a "V" short fan film about a Visitor scientist that was left behind when the Resistance dispersed the Red Dust. Ilana thought it was funny! And I asked her to do a cameo! I added that the short would have reverberating voices! Shortly there after, Jane and Alice arrived in the hotel lobby! 

(Just in case you were wondering, Jane was dressed fashionably in all black and looked remarkable! Ilana was in black, sporting her "V" t-shirt, I was in festive Halloween mode: brown and orange, Alice was in white and denim!). We were seated at a cozy little four top! Jane had a salad, Alice had a nicoise salad, I had a tasty burger entrée and Ilana had something with french fries! We quickly took turns discussing our love lives! I couldn't wait to ask Jane if she had ever heard of Brenda Dickson (of current YouTube fame) and she had but didn't recall ever meeting her.

Jane's Current Projects
We were all excited to talk about Jane's new song "Doll that Cries Real Tears" (see her myspace page)...her cd isn't ready yet but she loves her new band "Sir"! We talked about her recent show (13 October in Australia). We also viewed some picks from Jane's recent photo shoot! She looked great, and the photos had a hard-to-describe Persian influence. Jane, Alice and Ilana discussed the trailer for Jane's new movie...Under a Red Moon! Filming had finished in early October...I will try to update the webpage with more info!

We discussed the new "V" book due out in December. Ilana was in the process of reading an advanced copy provided to her by TOR! Jane hadn't read it yet and wasn't aware of the story line. Ilana kept us in suspense by not giving away too many plot details! We're all hoping for a new "V" to go into production soon!  We briefly discussed Marc Singer's recent convention appearances. Jane was also in a sci fi convention in Australia (see YouTube clips).

Jane on DVD
I had converted some VHS recordings to DVD: The Covenant, Jake & the Fatman, Mission: Impossible, etc. I mentioned I was putting together a DVD of interviews and commercials. She asked if I had the two Johnny Carson shows, of which I only have one! I think she said one she was wearing a velvet dress. Jane mentioned her lambrusco and Bob Hope commercials, stunned - Ilana and I looked at each other, neither of us knew of these two little trivia bits! I still need Fantasy Island, Hotel and most of her Aussie appearances! I am going to put all that I have on DVD as soon as possible. I have a few episodes from the Doctors somewhere on vhs!

Ilana had Jane sign her advanced copy of "V: The Second Generation"! We had a lot of fun during the autograph signing part! I mentioned to Jane and Alice that someone on the internet referred to Jane as a bondage queen (see her tied up in the Highwayman and the Lost World)...we all got a kick out of that one!  

The Post Lunch!
The city was getting ready for the Halloween parade. Jane and Alice were off to do some shopping since Halloween squashed our plans of visiting the world's largest magic shop...the girls graciously dropped Miss Ilana and myself off near Madison Sq Garden. The car ride was fun, Alice was in the front, Ilana, Jane and I were in the back! It was almost like a ride with Diana and Lydia from Visitor Legation!


JANE BADLER DVD PROJECT! Missed a Jane Badler interview? I am currently compiling a Jane DVD including television clips, commercials, and a photo video set to Jane's own music! If you have anything to contribute you will automatically receive a free copy of the DVD (expected in 2006!)...
See LATEST JANE BADLER for the following:
JANE BADLER at charity tennis match: January 2006.
Jane to play Rita Hayworth: Love Goddess 2006?
Welcome to the first official Jane Badler website! Dedicated to the theatrical career and talents of Jane Badler. This site will showcase Jane's "V" role of Diana but will also give adequate coverage to Jane's entire film and telelvision career... from "The Doctors" to "V" and beyond!

Jane's CD: Temptation...songs of lust and betrayal.

Jane autographs photos...NYC 4 April 2005.

Brian poses with Jane after lunch! 4 April 2005


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